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A whole year already past working as Consultant for the Council of Europe in the project SPARDA and now we are in Brussels presenting the final results.

It has being a long ride preparing, co-organizing and facilitating 7 workshops with journalists in 7 European cities. It was a very challenging experience since the reality in each city was completely different and we have to adapt to each circumstances.

In this short video of 3 minutes you can have a visual idea of the work done during all those Sessions.

All the work done during this month can be consulted in the main blog and each city blog that is linked to that:

Media Cross Production - general

Coimbra (Portugal)

 Had-Dingli (Malta)

 Limassol (Cyprus)

 Lyon (France)

 Patras (Greece)

 Reggio Emilia (Italy)

 Valencia PACTEM Nord (Spain)

Creating all this have not being possible without the help of all the participants in each city that gave 2 or 3 days to work together and try to portray a story in diversity with a positive approach. Thanks for joining in this experience and to help us learn more about diversity through your eyes & ideas. The outcome of this experience is very valuable and hopefully this kind of experiences and projects will continue to be implemented.

I also would like to thank to each city coordinator that managed to do their best in getting journalists and students to participate n the Sessions and also invite key persons working in the area for the introductory debate that helped us set the tone and get ideas for possible stories. 

I would like to express my gratitude to Irena GUIDIKOVA - Intercultural Cities Manager, Cultural Policy, Diversity and Dialogue Division, who took me on board and gave me all the freedom to develop the format and work strategy of the Sessions; and of course to Lilia Kolombet - SPARDA Manager, for her confidence and support all along the way.

 And, finally, a recognition to the person that introduced me to the concept of Media Cross Production and with whom I worked in several occasions (Seville, Paris, Istanbul) with this methodology. Those previous experiences were very valuable to develop this work, thanks Reynald BLION - Responsible Media & Diversity from the Council of Europe.

I will continue to work for diversity on media in the various fields I work and in my everyday life, as I have being doing during the last 9 years. I strongly believe Diversity has to be publicly recognised as an asset. And we all have a role in create social trust and social cohesion, especially the ones working in media.

Brussels, 12 jun 2012

European Union – Committee of the Regions

“Cities and the Diversity Advantage: Towards more effective Communication and Public Debate” 

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